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Your place to Grab the best used home appliances in Dubai

Are you shifting to Dubai? Well, you cannot practically move to Dubai with all the home appliances. But, can you imagine a life without a fridge? And that too in Dubai?

Believe it or not, the first thing every visitor or immigrant in Dubai would think of is home appliances. Those in search of a new job or place to settle down obviously cannot afford to buy new electronics or home appliances. Then what can be the possible solution to get all the necessary home appliances? Obviously, it is to find a reliable seller or buyer, selling or buying the used home appliances in Dubai.

Buy used home appliances

Buyer & Seller

Our venture started five years ago when the same situation occurred to us. So after realising this serious issue we have started this venture to help all Dubai residents.

The goal of initiating this business was to make buying used home appliances easy. We see both men and women struggling while purchasing a second-hand electronic appliance.

The reason for that is either man’s insufficient knowledge about the home appliances, especially the kitchenware.

On the other hand, women coming to a new country might find it really hard to connect with people and search for used home appliances in Dubai.

So keeping in view these genuine problems, we created a solution-based business in Dubai. It is our main goal and we will stand by it for all our customers.

Our main aim is itself a promise to provide reliable and durable products. We have a team of experts to check each product thoroughly. We run each electronic item before we list it for reselling. So that at the end of the day, our customers must get what they actually need.

To sum it up, we are up to reliability, and customer satisfaction. We have designed this platform to educate our customers about the product before they purchase it. Moreover, we also provide services to repair the electronic appliances whenever needed.

Sale Used Home Appliances
Sale Used Home Appliances

Sell used home appliances

in a click

This is not it, our vision is to make a place and platform where Dubai residents who are planning to shift to a new place can easily sell their used home and kitchen appliances.


We believe every Dubai resident must get a chance to get a good amount for the used home appliances. So that they must feel that it was a sort of investment.


We assure you of reasonable prices. Our team will check the model and its condition before giving you a final price for the used home appliance.


The idea to keep the booking simple was to assist women and people who do not have much experience in such activities.

used home appliances

Why choose Noman-used appliances?

For your Ease!!

Well, as it is our main goal, it has to be the only answer. We believe that shifting to a new place has numerous issues, but many people don’t consider gathering necessary home appliances an issue when settling in Dubai. We know, and that is normal. Choosing us can get you several benefits, allowing you to rest down and enjoy your first week in Dubai.

Best electronic appliances

We at Noman Used Appliances are not only reselling the used home appliances but also ensuring that every Dubai citizen must get an opportunity to purchase the best electric appliance.  You not only get the amazing electronic home appliances at an affordable rate, but we also ensure quality and durability.

Checked and tested used electronic products

Each listed product, ready for reselling at Noman used Appliances is properly checked and tested, so you are getting a working electric appliance.

Safe purchase

Furthermore, we are also working to eliminate the chance of any fraud. As every day several people land in Dubai for work, various fraudulent sellers would try to take advantage of their oblivion. We would ensure that you get a working durable electric product with a warranty. You can cancel your order or return it within a few days of purchase if you do not like it.

Safe selling

We ensure that you get the right amount for any used appliance you want to sell. As selling used home appliances to a neighbour in Dubai will not be of any benefit; therefore, it will be great to let us buy that.

Branded used electronic appliances

Almost 95% of the electronic products listed here are from renowned brands. The most common ones are LG, phillips, whirlpool, samsung, and emerson.

Choose from a wide variety of electronic items

You may consider the Noman used Appliances as a hub for kitchen appliances. A single visit to our site will be enough to buy all the necessary stuff required for a perfect modern kitchen in Dubai.

Warranties and repair

No other used appliances seller company will provide such a support for its customers. Here at Noman Used Appliances you will not only get the chance to repair the purchased items, but also for some appliances we have warranties. So it is a win-win.

An advanced and robust collection of used products

Even though we at Noman Used Appliances sell used electronic appliances in Dubai, still these are not the obsolete ones.
We have various types of inverter kitchens and home electronic appliances to cater to your need for the best and most modern tool.

Detailed idea about each product

We are not here to misguide you. To ensure that each visitor and customer should get the right idea of the electronic home appliance, we have made a separate page for each product.
Before buying, you must read the description thoroughly. At Noman Used appliances, customer satisfaction is our core value, and to make it clear we will share the complete description for you.

Time saving services

Unlike visiting random markets or calling various peoples, here you only need to spend a few minutes. Simply select a product, read the description, and once you are sure that it is what you need. Hit the buy button.
We believe that the creation of a platform like Noman used Appliances is necessary for anyone living in a metropolitan like Dubai. Here all you need to do is spend a few minutes and get your order done.

Customer care

We have 24/7 customer care to answer all your queries and issues regarding any item available at our store.

How to order from us?

Thanks to the internet, ordering used home appliances in Dubai is pretty easy today. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to place an order at Noman Used Appliances.

  • Search for the product you want. Look for the right category, you can filter the brand and the price if you want to.
  • Then do read the description of the product to be sure about it.
  • Add it to the cart.
  • In case of any confusion, you may contact the customer care service.
  • Now enter all your credentials.
  • Proceed to the payment.
  • You can either pay us online or through cash, whatever you like.
  • Once you have ordered the electronic appliance, you will get a confirmation message or email.
  • Your selected electronic item will be delivered to you within a week.

So, you see, purchasing used home appliances from Noman Used Appliances is as easy as filling a glass of water.

How to book your used home appliance for selling?

If you want to sell your used kitchen appliance in Dubai, then all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Take a good picture of the product to be sold.
  • Mention the description of the product.
  • Make sure that you have shared all the necessary details.
  • Upload all the details including the multimedia.
  • You will receive a confirmation message that your product has been booked for selling.
  • Our representative might call you.
  • A team will visit to check the product.
Based on 17 reviews
Waqas Waqas
Waqas Waqas
One of the best used home appliance seller in Dubai i purchased a fridge from them at best price i recommend you to buy from them
We used their services excellent work Recommended
Ash Lumihi
Ash Lumihi
Bought a washing machine for 1800AED that faulted within weeks of delivery. Technician sent to repair, it worked again for a few weeks then failed again. Now the shop is ignoring all messages and phone calls, and I’m stuck with a heavy dead brick in my front garden. Please don’t waste your money here - buy new or find another seller.
José Fernando Pereira
José Fernando Pereira
I bought a fridge from Noman, it stoped working completely after the 6th month. He gives 6 month warranty. And this was a couple of weeks after that. He sent a technician three times whom I paid about 600 AED and still didn’t fix it. I paid him 1600 for a used fridge that stopped working. So I had to buy a new one and new similar Samsung one from Amazon for 1700. So would recommend comparing prices across Noon, Amazon and Carrefour and just buying new. He is nice, nothing against him. Just my experience left me a bad taste. So I will not be buying again.
Khan Rahim
Khan Rahim
Very nice service, all goods are well checked and people here are very helpful and kindly..
syeda zoya
syeda zoya
Best seller 👍💯
Arslan Syed
Arslan Syed
Good dealers and good person
Junaid Samana
Junaid Samana
It’s working very good I’m satisfied with the quality
Muhammad Rehan
Muhammad Rehan
I have buyed used firdge from noman uswd home appliance Its working very well 100% recommend for used home appliance in dubai
Nasir javaid Shah
Nasir javaid Shah
I am fully satisfied for your shop and u r provide the good services to customers 😊