Used House hold Appliances

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At Noman Used Appliances we offer various used home appliances that are durable, and worth buying. Our goal is to help not only those who need to sell their used home appliances but also to reach people who want used electronic home appliances.

We are serving as a connection for both the buyer and seller community. We are currently dealing in the following product categories.


No one wants to do the dishes every day, especially when they are residing in a city like Dubai where everyone is busy. So, worry not we have got you covered with branded but used and affordable dishwares.

Cookers and stoves

How would you cook your food at a new place? Obviously, as per data new residents in Dubai are mostly poor, and they cannot afford hoteling every now and then. Thus, the only option is cooking food at home.

At Noman Used Appliances, you get to choose from a vast variety of electric cookers and stoves. Purchasing a brand new electric cooker in Dubai is pretty hard, therefore we have durable and used electric stoves to make cooking easier for you.

Water dispensers

We offer a wide range of water dispensers, available for various prices. Our customers can choose whichever they like.

Washing machines

What would you do if you had a job interview right after a week you landed in Dubai? Of course, it will be really embarrassing to wear dirty clothes for an interview.

To solve this everyday issue, you need a washing machine, and to purchase it in an affordable range, you can check at Noman Used appliances as we offer durable used washing machines.


How will you keep your favourite food fresh without a fridge? And that too in a warm region like Dubai? Of course, you need a fridge the moment you land in Dubai. So, here we are with a large collection of various types of fridges.We have double door, single door, or mini fridges from various brands.



As you know, Dubai is a pretty hot region, and ice-makers will be an essential kitchen appliance there. So, do not worry you can easily find the most advanced used ice-maker at Noman Used appliances.


Just like the washing machine, a dryer is also pretty necessary. Finding one can be hard, especially when you are in search of used electronic items in Dubai. Do not worry, we have an excellent range of amazing but used dryers coming from various reliable brands.


Gas and electric oven

Baking is fun when you have the right tools. But purchasing a brand new oven can be very difficult for some people. So here we are with several gas and electric ovens for you. Choose whichever you like.


Water dispenser

We don’t want  you to spend hours and hours to find the best water dispenser. So here we are with a huge variety of several water dispensers at Noman Used Appliances.

We offer the most leading used home Appliances seller service. So, You will purchase used electronics at our online stores, such as Washing machines, dishwashers, cooking range, fridge freezer all brands, and other kitchen machinery, at a very affordable price. If you are looking for a used Home Appliances seller near you? Then visit us. Because we give a warranty while saying that you are in the right place. When you consider buying used household Appliances, it means that you are buying new recognized appliances.

Used Home Appliances trading plays a leading role in the environment of second-hand home appliances Sellers.
we know how to tackle clients and offer valuable appliances that are qualitative. while living in dubai, you will get an extensive scope of 2nd hand home appliances buyers’ services. so, if you wish to sell my used Electronic, then you are most welcome to us.

So, if you want household electronics in the right condition and sell your used electronics, you can call us immediately. Our main aim is to make a reliable source for our customer so choose us as a used home electronics store.

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